About Mentoring

PLP Overview

The Professional Leadership Program (PLP) is a mentoring, leadership, and soft-skills development program for students at the University of North Texas. The purpose of PLP is to give our students exposure to the leadership skills needed to be a servant leader in any industry or position they seek after college. Students are given the opportunity to network with the corporate community, attend weekly employability development programs, and engage in a yearlong mentoring relationship with industry professionals.

Mentoring Highlights

Each PLP student member is paired with a DFW industry mentor who will provide coaching, mentoring, objectivity and sound guidance on issues affecting career and professional development. Highlights of being involved as a PLP mentor include:

  • Paired 1-on-1 with a PLP student (“mentee”)
  • Monthly meetings with your mentee
  • Opportunities to attend PLP workshops, networking events, and more
  • Personal satisfaction from mentoring
  • Self-improvement of coaching skills
Mentor Commitments & Criteria
  • 1-Year program commitment (August – May)
  • Professional industry experience
  • Proven servant leader
  • Regularity in mentoring relationship (every 4-6 weeks at minimum)
  • Willingness to incorporate mentee into business aspects of organization
Mentoring Objectives

The objectives of the Mentoring Program are:

  • Help the student develop his or her career vision
  • Create an environment that allows for professional development in business and social settings
  • Take the student from academic thinking to professional thinking
  • Provide resources that will aid the student in career decisions
  • Increase individual strengths through positive coaching and experiences
  • Create professional and social networking opportunities
Become A Mentor
  1. Introductory call with PLP Staff
    To request your call, email Jordan.Gill@unt.edu or call 940-565-3855
  2. Complete online mentor profile
  3. Get matched (Summer)
  4. Mentor Orientation
  5. Program runs August – May