Faculty-Led Study Abroad Scholarships

The College of Business (COB) at the University of North Texas has a rich history of offering summer/ winter faculty led International study programs. We tend to view our programs as “International Business Trips.” We will offer students two courses, the business capstone course BUSI 4940 Business Policy and RMIN 4900 Global Risk Management.

Please contact Dale.Sharpe-Jenkins@unt.edu or Michael.Sexton@unt.edu for more information.


BUSI 4940

All graduating seniors must take BUSI 4940 Business Policy to graduate. The course takes a manager’s point of view toward global strategy, business level strategy, Industry Value Chain activities, advisory services, sustainability, and functional department integration.

RMIN 4900

RMIN 4900 will provide students an opportunity to examine closely the risk management process and the issues and concerns of global businesses and institutions when implementing this process in their efforts to secure business continuity.


This is a 5 week course. The first two weeks and the last week of the course will be conducted on campus in the classroom. The two weeks between will be spent in London, Liverpool, and Glasgow. UNT International business trips involve visiting with leaders of global firms along the Industry Value Chain. Programs start with raw materials or primary manufacturing (auto, trucks, planes, and motorbikes), Lloyd’s of London, firms engaged in risk management, other advisory activities, logistics, wholesaling, hospitality or entertainment, and a family owned firm. In addition to Lloyds, we anticipate visiting Marsh and Willis. More detailed information regarding firms visited will be outlined prior to travel. Students must be appropriately attired to match company culture, ask intelligent questions, and present token gifts of appreciation.

Cultural Immersion: Cultural immersion is an important aspect of our programs. You cannot understand front stage culture without learning about what is important to those people. We propose visits to museums and historical landmarks, viewing architecture to include churches, and city tours to learn about history. We typically walk or use public transportation around the city. Our students are prepared to walk about 5 miles per day. Cross-country buses or trains are used at the airport or moving from one location to another.


Scholarship Funding

The College of Business provides scholarship funding for students participating in faculty-led study abroad programs. To be eligible, students must be business majors and approved to participate in the program through UNT Study Abroad. All applicants must submit an essay demonstrating why they are interested in their study abroad program and what they hope to gain from the experience. Essays should be no more than one-page.

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Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Study Abroad Scholarship-(DFW RIMS/Houston Marine Seminars)

Application link: https://cob.unt.edu/scholarships/firel

  1. Enrollment in the Summer 2018 Risk Management/Insurance Study Abroad Program.
  2. Preference for risk management/insurance majors or minors