BBA in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management

The BBA in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management provides students with the knowledge, skills, and versatility necessary to start their own business or to undertake managerial or leadership positions in existing firms. With innovative knowledge of business practices, graduates of our entrepreneurship program are equipped to enjoy the rewards of creating a new business venture. Our graduates are also well prepared to pursue careers in growth-oriented companies that seek creative and pioneering solutions to business problems.

You Learn

As part of BBA in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management, students learn:
  • Planning and starting a new business
  • Recognizing and acting on business opportunities
  • Managing technology and innovation
  • Analyzing business environments
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Designing organizations and teams
  • Developing and marketing new products and services
Matt Davis, BBA in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management '02
Founder, College Fund Landscaping

As a high school student, Matt Davis mowed lawns to earn money. He called his business College Fund Lawn Mowing -- and the moniker was no exaggeration. Years later, Davis still operates the business, now called College Fund Landscaping, which in turn supports UNT Ryan College of Business students with The College Landscaping Fund Scholarship, requiring recipients to have a part-time job. After graduating cum laude with a degree in business administration with a specialty in entrepreneurship, he focused on expanding College Fund Landscaping. It now has more than a dozen employees who work with 2,000 clients on services that range from mowing to landscape design.

“I love running my own business. At the end of the day, you can look to yourself for your success and failures. I like that responsibility.”

You Contribute

As part of BBA in Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Management, students learn:


  • Entrepreneur
  • Franchise owner
  • Free-lancer / business owner
  • Family business leader

Corporate jobs

  • Business analyst
  • Product development coordinator
  • Project team leader
  • Account coordinator
  • Corporate recruiter
  • Strategic planner

You Lead

Graduates continue on to leadership roles such as:
  • Business owner / founder
  • Strategic manager
  • Director of planning
  • Director of development
  • Chief Innovation Officer
  • Business consultant

Contact an Advisor

April Kuykendall
Senior Lecturer, Management