BBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Selling

The BBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Selling is a cohort-based degree program that prepares a select group of students to prospect and secure the customers that the fuel the business cycle – driving production that leads to growth and expansion and funds innovative research. Sales professionals are the most important conduit for information and communication in many industries including telecommunications, transportation, construction, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceutical and medical products, and many more. In the cohort-based sales program, activities include 1) researching databases to identify industries and prospect businesses, 2) developing sales strategies to lock-in accounts, 3) uncovering and prioritizing customer needs, 4) demonstrating value that overcomes price objections and produces quantifiable results for both parties, and 5) developing interpersonal relationships by building trust.

You Learn

The BBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Selling creates opportunities for students to acquire the following knowledge and skills.
  • Consultative selling with a value-focus
  • Critical thinking and analytical skills in complex role-plays
  • Research techniques using online databases to identify qualified prospects
  • Sales strategy development and customer relationship management
  • Effective oral presentation skills
  • Sales ethics and applications in the workplace
Andrés Zorrilla, BBA '15
Sales and Marketing Specialist,
Ford Motor Company

After a successful sales internship with Chrysler Corporation and completing the Professional Selling Program, I was offered a position in Florida with Ford Motor Company as a Zone Manager. As a consultant to dealerships and as the liaison with Ford Motor Corporate. I quickly discovered that success in my new position was based on my ability to build relationships and effectively sell.

After four promotions in five years, I am currently a Sales and Marketing Specialist in DFW with Ford Motor Company and have held positions typically reserved for more experienced sales professionals.

"Preparation, presentation, and building relationships – all core elements of the Professional Selling classes, has repeatedly come up in each job position and have contributed to my success."

You Contribute

BBA in Marketing with a Concentration in Professional Selling obtain jobs in:
  • Sales Account Executives or Representatives
  • Sales Consultants
  • Account Managers
  • Sales Analysts
  • Enterprise Sales
  • Inside Sales

You Lead

Graduates continue their careers as:
  • Sales Supervisors
  • Sales Managers
  • District Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • National Account Managers/Directors

Contact an Advisor

Majed Yaghi
Clinical Associate Professor, Marketing