Show Me the Money

Do you like money? Do you want to learn more about it?
Take FIPL 2770 – Show Me the Money

FIPL 2770 is a course all about learning how to handle your money. It is useful for everyone at UNT, regardless of major. FIPL 2770 is an introduction to financial literacy, covering concepts like financial planning, insurance, budgeting, credit, home ownership, savings, investment, and tax problems.

This course is available to all students, in-person and online, and counts as a university core elective!

You Learn

As part of FIPL 2770: Show Me the Money, students learn:
  • How to make your money work for you!
  • How bank accounts and taxes work.
  • About credit cards, personal loans, student loans, and how to build your credit score.
  • How to buy a car and a house.
  • About investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, and more!

“I learned to act my wage in Personal Finance at UNT!”

– Stacy C.

“I learned how to not go broke after college graduation in Personal Finance at UNT!”

– Kennedy G.