BS in Aviation Logistics

What is “Aviation Logistics?” It is increasing the value (or utility) of products or services with air transportation. Firms specializing in the movement of goods and people by air, and the large numbers of companies that support them, represent the area of aviation logistics. Whether it involves passengers or cargo, the ability to quickly and reliably move valuable resources over great distances in a shorter time frame than other forms of transportation improve the quality of life and standard of living of people across the globe. If you like puzzles, Aviation Logistics is for you. It includes answers to the questions of how aviation interacts with other modes of transportation in servicing supply chains, domestically and internationally. What is the cost for each transportation mode? What is the delivery time? How does it satisfy the customer’s expectations? Career opportunities worldwide abound and our internship requirement provides potential employers “work ready” graduates.

You Learn

The BS in Aviation Logistics creates opportunities for students to acquire the following knowledge and skills:
  • Basic understanding of the aviation industry, its regulations, and capabilities
  • Maintenance operations
  • Safety management systems
  • Passenger and cargo operations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Airport operations and management
Laura Countryman, BS Aviation Logistics '10
Aviation Insurance Underwriter,
Old Republic Aerospace

“As a student, I was extremely fortunate to benefit from UNT visionaries Dr. Steve Swartz and Dr. Terry Pohlen who identified the need to educate the next generation of business aviation professionals. Because of their foresight and considerable persistence with navigating the academic bureaucracy, I expanded my range, earned my Pilot’s License, and smoothly transitioned into my rewarding aviation career at Old Republic Aerospace in Dallas, Texas. In retrospect, UNT’s Aviation Logistics program laid a great foundation for me to start my career in the aviation industry… I highly recommend UNT’s Aviation Logistics program to people seeking a stimulating education, diverse work and study opportunities, and a caring and expert faculty.”

You Contribute

BS in Aviation Logistics graduates get jobs such as:
  • Scheduling and dispatching
  • Production planning and control
  • Statistical forecasting
  • Safety hazard and risk assessment
  • Import/export procedures
  • Hazardous materials handling

You Lead

Graduates continue on to leadership roles such as:
  • VP of maintenance planning and control
  • VP of safety
  • Director of customer service
  • Director of cargo and charter
  • Director of government contracts

Contact an Advisor

Steve Joiner
Departmental Advisor &
Principal Lecturer, Logistics