Frequently Asked Questions

Advising Appointments

Can I get advised over the phone or email?

If you have specific questions, you will need to make an appointment with an advisor. You may email an advisor, but due to legal reasons, email advising is limited only to general questions. An on call advisor is also available everyday to answer general questions over the phone (940) 565-2110.

Are evening advising appointments available?

Yes, evening appointments are available. Typically, evening appointments are offered once a month. If you need an evening appointment please call (940) 565-2110 for availability.

What are my responsibilities?
  • Knowing and observing all prerequisite requirements as listed in the most recently published Undergraduate Catalog. They are enforced as soon as they are published regardless of the catalog in effect when you started at UNT. Course requirements are audited by individual departments. They can drop you from a course if you do not have the listed prerequisites.
  • Applying for a degree plan at the proper time.
  • Checking degree progression by running an updated online degree audit each semester.
  • Providing updated transcripts to the UNT Registrar's Office for any transfer work completed after you begin attending UNT.
  • Meeting with an advisor one semester prior to graduation to complete a graduation check.
  • Meeting all degree requirements of your degree plan as well as the general requirements outlined in the Undergraduate Catalog of the year specified by your formal degree plan.
What should I bring to my appointment?

Bring a list of your questions. If this is your first appointment in the College of Business Advising Office, bring an evaluated copy of your transcripts. If you have a copy of your worksheet, audit, or degree plan, you may want to bring it with you to verify that it is the same as that in the Advising Office. Bring possible schedule options after reviewing your online degree audit.

Can I request a specific advisor?

You are encouraged to develop a relationship with your advisor. Academic Advisors are an important contact during your college career. If you would like to make an appointment with a particular advisor, you must tell the receptionist when scheduling your appointment.


I am being asked to enter a code. How do I get my code?

If you are on academic alert or probation you will be required to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss your schedule and obtain a code to register.

How do I register for an Internship?

Bring signed paperwork from the Department to BLB 110 to obtain permission to register for an internship.

I can't register for upper level business courses.

Students classified as BUND (Business Undecided) are blocked from enrolling in upper level (3000-4000 level) business courses. If you are (or will be) eligible for upper level business courses for the next semester, you must meet with an advisor prior to registration to have the block removed.

I am getting a message that says "Maximum Term Unit Load Exceeded".

If you get this message, you have tried to register for more than the maximum number of hours allowed for that term. An advisor can approve an overload if you meet the qualifications listed in the UNT catalog in the enrollment section under Student Load.

What do I do if the class I am trying to register for is full?

The Advising Office cannot add you to courses that are full. You can always check with individual departments to see if a waiting list is being offered. Continue to check for course availability through out schedule revision and Add/Drop registration periods.

Are evening, Internet, or Saturday classes available?

See the Alternative section of the Schedule of Classes for days and times or by conducting an advanced search for options at

Academic Requirements and Policies

BUND Majors:

Business Undecided (BUND) majors are blocked from registering from all upper level business courses. If you are (or will be) eligible for upper level business courses for the next semester, you must meet with an advisor prior to registration to have the block removed. Call (940) 565-2110 or come by BLB 110 to schedule an appointment. In order to meet requirements to enroll in upper level courses you must have completed the Pre-Business courses which include: ENGL 1310 and 1320/TECM 2700, ECON 1100 and 1110, MATH 1190 or 1400(prior to Fall 2011), BCIS 2610, ACCT 2010 and 2020, and DSCI 2710 all with a grade of C or better, have a 2.7 UNT GPA, and a minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed.

What is a degree plan? When and how do I file for one?

It is the official document that lists all the courses required for your chosen degree and how the courses that you have completed are applied toward the degree. You should file for a degree plan after you have completed the Pre-Business courses (ENGL 1310 and 1320/TECM 2700, ECON 1100 and 1110, MATH 1190 or 1400(prior to Fall 2011), ACCT 2010 and 2020, BCIS 2610, and DSCI 2710), have a 2.7 UNT grade point average, and have completed at least 45 semester hours. You must make an appointment with an Academic Advisor in BLB 110 to file for a degree plan, which will be available for you to pick up in approximately 8-12 weeks.

How do I read my DARS audit?

How to run your audit, and How To Read My Darwin Audit Instructions.

How do I run my unofficial on-line audit?

Click here to run your unofficial on-line audit

What is a Professional Field?

A Professional Field is your concentration (Major) within the College of Business. The College of Business offers Professional Fields in the following areas: BBA Accounting, BS/MS Accounting, Business Computer Information Systems, Business Economics, Entrepreneurship, Decision Sciences, Finance, Financial Services, General Business, Risk Management and Insurance, Human Resources/Organizational Behavior, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Aviation Logistics, Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Real Estate, and Real Estate with a Concentration in Residential Property Management.

Does the College of Business require a minor?

A minor is not required for College of Business students. However, a student can choose to pursue a minor if desired, speak with an advisor for options. You must meet with your advisor to declare a minor.

How does duplicating a course impact my GPA?

A student may take a course a second or subsequent time (ACCT courses may only be taken a total of two times at UNT). The first grade earned is excluded in the GPA calculation. The second attempt and all subsequent attempts will be included in the GPA calculation. A duplication form must be completed and turned in to the Registrar's Office for the grade duplication to be processed.

Can I take BUSI 4940 before my graduating semester?

No. BUSI 4940 must be taken your graduating semester. Also, all business foundation courses must be completed with a "C" or higher before enrolling in BUSI 4940. There are no exceptions.

Can I take a course at another school and transfer it back to UNT?

If you plan to take a course at another school and transfer it back to UNT, you need to meet with an advisor. An advisor can tell you the correct course number to take and complete a concurrent enrollment form if needed. Equivalencies can also be viewed by using our To use the Course Applicability System, 1) select "Guest Login" 2) select "Course Equivalency Guides" 3) select UNT from the drop down box 4) search for equivalencies either by course or by school.

How do I get a course overload?

If you meet the requirements stated in the catalog in the enrollment section under and wish to obtain a course overload, you can do so by meeting with an advisor.

Can I take a course Pass/No Pass?

Students may choose to take only free electives as Pass/No Pass. Any other required course must be taken as a graded course. If you would like to take a free elective Pass/No Pass, please meet with an advisor before the stated deadline in the schedule of classes.

Grade Point Average Information

How do I calculate my GPA?

Visit this website to learn how to calculate your GPA. For graduation all College of Business majors are required a 2.7 UNT GPA, a 2.0 overall cumulative GPA (including transfer work), and a 2.7 Professional Field (major) GPA.

What GPA is required for graduation with honors?

Cum Laude: Overall GPA is at least 3.500 but less than 3.700
Magna Cum Laude: Overall GPA is at least 3.700 but less than 3.9
Summa Cum Laude: Overall GPA is 3.9-4.0