10 Things Every Business Student Should Know

1.) Determining Your Catalog Year

You may meet the graduation requirements noted in the catalog in effect at the time you enroll at UNT, or the requirements in any later catalog published prior to your graduation. All requirements of you designated catalog must be met within eight years of publication. As degree requirements can differ each year, it is important to check your online audit or with an advisor for your catalog designation and follow all publications designated for that catalog. Note: Always verify that you are looking at information specific to YOUR catalog.

2.) Prerequisites

Prerequisites are subject to change. You are responsible for meeting course prerequisites as listed in the most recently published catalog before enrolling in any course. If you have not met the prerequisites, you may be dropped from the course. Always refer to the current online catalog.

3.) Registration Block

All business students are designated as BUND (Business Undetermined) majors upon enrollment at UNT. All BUND majors are blocked from enrolling in junior/senior level courses until meeting pre-business requirements and filing for an official degree plan. In order to meet pre-business requirements you must have completed the Pre-Business courses which include: ENGL 1310 and 1320/TECM 2700, ECON 1100 and 1110, MATH 1190 or 1400(prior to Fall 2011), BCIS 2610, ACCT 2010 and 2020, and DSCI 2710 all with a grade of C or better, have a 2.7 UNT GPA, and a minimum of 45 semester hours must be completed.

4.) G. Brint Ryan College of Business GPA Requirements for Graduation

The G. Brint Ryan College of Business requires a 2.7 UNT Cumulative (all courses at UNT), a 2.7 in the major (professional and supporting field courses), and a 2.0 Overall (all transfer and UNT courses combined).

5.) Official Degree plan

The official degree plan/audit is prepared in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business Undergraduate Advising Office. It is the official document that lists all courses completed, courses not completed, and all other requirements for the degree sought. A BUND degree audit is not an official degree plan. Students must meet all the pre-business requirements (see above), meet with their advisor in order to select their Professional and Supporting Field (major) in business and file for the corresponding official degree plan/audit.

6.) On-Line Degree Audit

Continuing students can run their on-line audit at any time from http://registrar.unt.edu/online-degree-audit. While not an official document, the online audit is a useful tool for planning and registration purposes. For more information visit How To Run & Read Your Online Degree Audit.

7.) Business Policy, graduating capstone course

BUSI 4940 is the graduating capstone course for all BBA majors and some BS majors (see individual BS degree requirements). BUSI 4940 must be taken your graduating semester (last 19 hours). All Business foundations courses must be completed with a C or higher prior to enrolling in BUSI 4940, there are no exceptions. For more information see the BBA degree requirements.

8.) Limitation of Drops for Undergraduate Students

Students enrolling in higher education for the first time during the Fall 2007 academic term or later may drop a total of six courses. This total includes any course a transfer student has dropped at another Texas public institution of higher education. This does not apply to courses dropped prior to the census date or courses dropped with a grade of WF and does not apply if the student withdraws for the term or session. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for more detailed information.

9.) Excessive Hour Tuition Rate

Texas Education Code ยง 54.014 specifies that resident undergraduate students who initially enrolled fall 1999 and later may be subject to a higher tuition rate for attempting excessive hours at any public institution of higher education while classified as a resident student for tuition purposes. Beginning with fall 2007, UNT undergraduate students who are classified as Texas Residents and those who pay in state tuition rates will be subject to an additional excessive hour tuition rate. Please visit the Registrar's Office website for more detailed information.

10.) Repeated Course Tuition

Undergraduate students classified as Texas residents or who pay Texas resident tuition rate who attempt certain courses more than twice at the University of North Texas are subject to an additional tuition rate of $75.00 per semester credit hour for the repeated course. This additional charge will be billed after the beginning of each semester. For a definition of a repeated course and a list of exemptions, please visit the Registrar's Office website.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, contact (940) 565-2110 to make an appointment with an advisor.