Frequently Asked Questions

The total cost per Semester Credit Hour (SCH) is approximately $2,375*. Students can visit UNT’s Tuition Estimator Tool to see the cost for 9-hours to get details of tuition and fees. In addition to the estimated tuition and fees students will be charged a $1,750 per SCH program fee. The overall approximate cost for the Doctor of Business Administration is $114,000*.
*subject to change
The DBA program is intended for executives and managers with a master’s degree and at least seven years of work experience.
Apply through For details, click here.
Students can apply any time before the Fall semester. Please allow for reasonable time for application and admission processing.
The primary difference between a DBA and a Ph.D. is their focus. Although both are research-based degrees and can yield a teaching position at the University level, the DBA is a professional doctorate with a focus on theoretical knowledge and its use in business practices, while the Ph.D. degree is for candidates who would like to pursue a career in academia and conduct research that applies to business theory.
Master’s Degree Required Yes No
GMAT Required No Yes
Work Experience 7-10 years None required
Continue working full time while studying Yes No
Length 3 Years 4-7 Years
Financial Aid Available Yes Yes
Fellowship-based No Yes
Program Focus Applied Theory Development of Theory
Total program cost is approximately $114,000 for the 3-year program.

Investing in a DBA program can offer substantial opportunities in both business and academia. While it comes at a cost, the program is priced competitively and provides high-quality education. The benefits of obtaining a DBA degree are likely to outweigh the expenses of time and tuition for most professionals and executives. There are various ways to fund the program, such as using personal savings or qualifying for federal student loans. Additionally, some employers may consider covering their employees’ tuition as a means of retaining their top talent.
Scholarships tend to be modest, but there are a few doctoral scholarships available on our student scholarship portal. For additional Financial Aid information, visit:
Since students will be working full-time while in the program, neither research assistantships nor teaching assistantships are available to the DBA students.
Some graduates from the DBA will continue on at their professional organization and apply their knowledge to advance or benefit their own companies, while some may go in to consulting roles. Others may choose to obtain faculty positions in higher education.
The program is offered in a hybrid format to provide flexibility in combining work, family and educational pursuits. The once-a-month weekend meetings combined with remote learning tools save valuable time. The small cohort-style arrangement, faculty mentors, and committed staff will help the doctoral students complete their degree in time.