Printing Services

Our main objective in the Faculty Support Center is to provide printing services for the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, including printing, copying, and scanning of classroom and research materials. Classroom and Research materials include class notes, exams, and research articles. For other printing requests, please speak with a Faculty Support Center staff member.

To help in the printing process, we have two request forms that should be filled out for each request, including one for regular class notes and research articles, and one for exams. Please bring, or attach, these forms with each request. The forms can be downloaded on this website.

To submit a request, you may come in to our office in Room 352, or you may email us your request as an attachment. Our email address is Please always attach your file, along with the appropriate request form. We will email you when the job is complete. Completed copy jobs can either be picked up in our office, or picked up in your mailbox in the mailroom next to our office.

In addition to printing services, we offer scanning and faxing services, as long as they are pertaining to your work at the G. Brint Ryan College of Business. No personal requests please.