Management Ph.D. Program

Doctoral Program Coordinator Contact Information

Rhonda Reger
Room: BLB 329H
Phone: (940) 565-4282

Foundation Courses

All Management Ph.D. students will take 9 hours of Foundation Courses with Ph.D. students from other departments in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business. This provides students with an opportunity to interact with students who have a wide variety of interests. Students also will follow one of two 12-hour Research Tracks, the track followed will depend on the student's area of interest.

Management Seminars

In addition to the 21 hours described above, all Management Ph.D. students will take four Management Seminars, as offered by the Department:

  • MGMT 6030: Seminar in Strategic Management
  • MGMT 6100: Seminar in Organizational Behavior
  • MGMT 6820: Seminar in Organizational Theory
  • MGMT 6860: Seminar in Human Resource Management

See the UNT Graduate Catalog for more information about the classes.

Support Field

Students also will select a Support Field, which requires 12 hours of coursework. These courses are selected by the student in combination with the Ph.D. Coordinator and Graduate Programs Committee in the Department of Management, and will vary according to the student's area of interest.

Comprehensive Exam

When all coursework is completed, Ph.D. students will take written and comprehensive exams. After passing these exams, the dissertation process begins. This usually involves 12 hours of Dissertation coursework during which the dissertation proposal is developed and defended, then the dissertation research is conducted, and the final outcome is defended.

The Graduate Programs Committee (GPC) will serve as the Program Committee for all Management Ph.D. students. Thus, the faculty constituting the GPC will not only serve as interviewers during the admission process, but also work with the student to create a degree plan and to mentor the student's research and instruction skills during coursework. The student's degree plan is finalized during the first semester of coursework.