A Brief History of BITS

In 1980, the college identified information technology as a high priority, hired a director with several years of information systems management experience, and established the CoB Computer Center. Since then the college has made a significant investment in the center's present and future operations.

During the mid 1980's the CoB Computer Center created a technology plan to continually upgrade and keep current with the latest trends in technology utilizing limited resources. Working with the CoB technology committee, we continue to modify the plan and annually present recommendations to the Dean and the Executive Committee of the college. Due to this support and planning, the G. Brint Ryan College of Business Computer Center has provided state-of-the-art technology to support the students, faculty, and staff.

BITS is proud of the fact that we have never refused software requests made by any CoB faculty member to be used in class or our computer labs. Once the request has been made, we immediately acquire and install the software on the LAN to be used in any CoB classroom or student computer lab.

Our Mission

The G. Brint Ryan G. Brint Ryan College of Business at the University of North Texas is committed to excellence in teaching through the creation, use, and improvement of technology which enables distance education and curriculum integration.

The mission of the CoB Computing Center is to provide effective, shared computing, networking, and learning technology services in support of the academic mission of the G. Brint Ryan G. Brint Ryan College of Business at the University of North Texas.

The function of CoB Computing Services is to provide state-of-the-art desktop computers with required software for faculty, staff, and students. A critical mission of this function is continuing to upgrade all of CoB's 550 standard computers with current hardware and software every two to three years.

The function of CoB Network Services is to provide appropriate and effective data communications and networking-related services that should be shared for maximum benefit of all functions of the college (academic and administrative). A critical mission of this group is the continuing, appropriate development and effective support of the college data communications and networking infrastructure.

The function of CoB Learning Technology is to provide high-level computer and projection support in the CoB classrooms. A critical mission of this function is two-fold; first, to provide state-of-the-art hardware and software in each classroom, and second, to provide an immediate technical support for faculty when they have any technical problem during their class presentation.

The CoB Computing Center's mission is to be accomplished in open cooperation and partnership with its customers, other university computer and data communication service providers, and the CoB High Technology Committee. The CoB High Technology Committee and CoB Executive Committee will guide strategic direction and key services development.

The CoB Computing Center continues to encourage and support the faculty in the use of technology in as many varied and creative ways as possible to deliver a quality academic experience for our students. These efforts are paying off and in 1998, the AACSB peer review team recommended our college for reaffirmation of accreditation in all degree programs in business. They listed the availability of extensive computing and technology support as our number one strength. This team of five Business Deans wrote:

“The College is doing an excellent job of acquiring and managing its instructional resources.”

This is our ongoing goal.