Equipment Checkouts

We offer several pieces of technology equipment for faculty/staff to check-out for internal or external use. The provision for this checkout process does not extend to students (including PhD candidates). If you have suggestions about other equipment that might be helpful to offer, please let us know.

In order to check out equipment, you will need to fill in a custody receipt since you will be responsible for the equipment while you have it.

Contact Us

Room: BLB 240
Phone: 940-565-4891


8am - 5pm M-F

Available Equipment

Laptops and Projectors

We have several laptops and projects that you can check out. These are useful for making presentations, etc. The laptops have minimal software installed on them, but do have Microsoft Office. If you need any special applications installed, make sure specify that when you make the request.

The laptops all have network connections so that you can connect to the Internet, but we strongly recommend explaining your requirements when you make the request in case our technical support had any additional information about connecting to the Internet, etc.

Web Cameras

We have web cameras that you can check out to use for video streaming. We can also help you to download and install applications to do video conferencing.