Contact a Graduate Program Advisor

Graduate Program Advisors provide academic and administrative support to current and prospective students and help to maximize their time as they pursue their graduate degree. Students are strongly encouraged to schedule regular appointments with advisors for questions concerning, but not limited to:

  • Application and admission requirements
  • Background course completion
  • Degree requirements
  • Policies and procedures
  • Probation & suspension
  • Other general advising questions and concerns
  • One on One Advising for Prospective students: Schedule an individual appointment here

Summer and Fall 2022 Registration Information

  • Current student’s registration date: March 21st 7 AM on
  • New student’s registration date: April 7th 7 AM on  
  • One on one advising for current or newly admitted RCOB students can be booked here: Schedule an individual appointment here
  • On-Call Advising: An on-call advisor will be available to answer quick questions for students virtually on April 7th from 8 AM- 12 PM and 1 PM- 4 PM. No appointment needed. Please note this is for quick questions only and time with each student is limited. To connect, go to

DeAnna Taylor
Academic Counselor

BLB 215 C

Taylor Jordan
Senior Academic Advisor

BLB 201 E

Erasmo Rodriguez
Senior Academic Advisor

BLB 215 D

Anna Phelan
Senior Academic Advisor

BLB 201 F

Brooke Huckabee
Student Service Coordinator

BLB 215 E

Natalie Bernard
Director of Admissions and Academic Advising

BLB 201 G