Accounting Advising

Accounting Advising

Requisites not met?

The Department of Accounting enforces listed pre-requisites for all undergraduate and graduate courses offered. The MyUNT system and Department staff check for pre-requisites at the time of registration. If you believe you have completed the prerequisites for a specific course and received this message in error, please complete our Advisor Contact Form. You will receive a response in one to two business days. During peak registration periods, please allow two full business days. If you are unsure whether a course has a prerequisite, consult the course description in the University Catalog. If a course does not have a prerequisite listed and you are still unable to enroll, you may be blocked by another department for another issue.

Accounting Advisor for Prerequisite/Registration Issues

BLB 213
(940) 565-3080

Undergraduate Advising

The CoB Undergraduate Advising Office is located in BLB 110 (940) 565-2110 and provides assistance with the following issues:

  • Prospective student information
  • Transfer equivalencies for core and business foundation classes
  • Declaring or changing your major
  • Filing a degree plan
  • Filing for graduation/grad checks
  • Permission to enroll in upper-division courses (numbered 3XXX-4XXX) for BUND students
  • Overload approval
Masters Advising

Information regarding admissions, program requirements, and other general information can be found on the Accounting Graduate Programs or contact the Graduate Programs Office at (940) 369-8977. For specific questions related to ACCT courses and degree plans, contact the graduate advisor.

Prospective Accounting Student Advisor
Natalie Bernard
BLB 201
(940) 369-7818

For specific questions related to Accounting courses and degree plans for current or newly admitted students, contact the graduate advisor.

Accounting Graduate Advisor
Christine Ellis
BLB 215-F
(940) 565-3087

Ph.D. Advising

Information regarding CoB admission and other details can be found on the CoB Ph.D. Programs website. Specific questions should be directed to the Accounting Ph.D. Advisor:

Lili Sun
BLB 385G
(940) 565-3077

Govind Iyer
BLB 336C
(940) 565-3100

Accounting Advisor Contact Form

Please complete the following form if you need assistance with prerequisite or registration issues only. For all other questions please contact the appropriate advising office.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION! The advisor does not issue advising codes or permission numbers. If your request is approved, you will be administratively enrolled by the advisor and notified by e-mail. Notification of denied requests will also be sent by e-mail. The student is responsible for verifying the correctness of his/her schedule at MyUNT and making payment for the added class by the appropriate deadline.

The Department of Accounting will not approve enrollment in full or closed classes. Please verify that adequate space is available in classes you request below. If you have strict scheduling requirements and to avoid delays and ensure a seat in the class(es) of your choosing, the department recommends that you register as early as possible.

Course Requested 1
Course Requested 2