BCIS 4800/5800 Cooperative Education (Internship)


NOTICE! Although ITDS department encourages its students to acquire internship experience, you may not apply BCIS 4800 or BCIS 5800 credit to your degree plan, except as an elective. You must also meet the course prerequisites (see catalog).

You must register for at least one hour of credit in BCIS 4800/5800 during each semester you hold an internship/co-op position. Approval of a BCIS 4800/5800 registration is based on the likelihood that the internships or co-op position is related to your major, that you will significantly benefit from the experience through the acquisition of productive experience beyond the classroom, and that the employer will actively direct and mentor you. Internships or co-op positions are not simply a credit-for-work program. To receive credit at your current place of employment, you must verify that you are beginning a new position OR have new/additional duties assigned for the semester you are receiving credit. Verification must be in the form of a letter from a student’s supervisor outlining the new/additional duties. You may not earn internship or co-op credit for work performed previously, commissioned by a home business, supervised directly by a family member, or that requires you to buy materials to start you own business venture.

Students are expected to have and exhibit high professional standards and behaviors in completing their internship or co-op, remembering that they not only represent themselves, but also the faculty, staff, students, and administration of the University of North Texas. Potential employers must allow site visits by representatives of the UNT Internships Office to determine suitability.

To obtain academic credit, you must be registered for the course no later than the 12th class day in the long term, or the 5th class day in the summer term.

Procedures and Requirements

BCIS 4800/5800 is a PASS/FAIL course. To successfully PASS the course, you must meet the requirements outlined in the appropriate course syllabus. To obtain information on procedures and requirements, visit the Career Resource Center

International Students

If you are an international student, you must first contact the International Student and Scholar Services office (Sycamore Hall 288) for appropriate instructions.

Contact Information

ITDS Faculty Intern Coordinator

Dr. John Windsor
BLB 312K
(940) 565-4147

Intern Coordinator

Corey Davidson
Chestnut Hall Room 140
UNT Career Center
(940) 565-2864