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M.B.A. In Business Analytics (STEM)

The Master of Business Administration with a major in Business Analytics is a STEM program designed to provide an extensive base of knowledge for data based decision making. This STEM approved program is intended for those students who desire to get into management roles where data based decision making in required.

  • STEM Approved – allows for up to 12-month CPT and 36-month OPT
  • Flexible Duration – allows you to finish in 12-24 months
  • 36 Credit hours – 18 credit hour Business Core + 12 credit hour Analytics Core + 6 credit hour Analytics Electives
  • Format – online or in-person
  • Economical – Total Tuition approximation: In-State: $19,628, Out-of-State: $37,488
    (based on 9 credit hours/semester)
THECB Marketable Skills
  • Effective business collaboration
  • Organizational improvement with quantitative methods
  • Creation of business models/simulations
  • Creation/usage of complex data structures
  • Analytical estimate and forecast facilitation

For a complete list of THECB Marketable skills, visit

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UNT is one of the most affordable universities in Texas – and a lower tuition means a higher return on your academic career.

  • ACCT 5130 (3 hrs) Accounting for Management
  • DSCI 5180 (3 hrs) Intro to the Business Decision Process
  • FINA 5170 (3 hrs) Financial Management
  • MKTG 5150 (3 hrs) Marketing Management
  • MGMT 5140 (3 hrs) Organizational Behavior and Analysis
  • BUSI 5190 (3 hrs) Administrative Strategy (last semester)
  • DSCI 5210 (3 hrs) Model-Based Business Intelligence
  • DSCI 5240 (3 hrs) Data Mining
  • DSCI 5260 (3 hrs) Business Process Analytics
  • DSCI 5330 (3 hrs) Enterprise Appl. of Business Intelligence
  • DSCI 5350 (3 hrs) Big Data Analytics
  • DSCI 5360 (3 hrs) Visualization Analytics
  • DSCI 5250 (3 hrs) Statistical Techniques in Simulation
  • DSCI 5340 (3 hrs) Predictive Analytics & Business Forecasting

Background Content includes:

  • Micro and Macro Economics
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Basic Information Systems
  • Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Calculus

Deficiencies can be completed through Ivy Software and The Ryan College of Business Graduate Programs Office works with students to determine if background deficiency courses will be necessary.


Corporate and Academic Partnerships

Career Outcomes

  • Pricing Analyst

  • Revenue Management Analyst

  • Analytics or Business Manager/Director

  • Financial Analyst

  • Predictive Analyst

  • and many more...

Average Salary

  • $86,000

  • * Average ITDS Graduate student salary reported within 90 days of graduation.
  • Data Science event with industry experts
  • Data Science event with industry experts
  • Internship Panel discussion with American Airlines employees
  • Internship Panel discussion with American Airlines employees
  • One-on-One resume review with Kashif Saeed
  • One-on-One resume review with Kashif Saeed
  • Resume Workshop with Destiny Price
  • Resume Workshop with Destiny Price
  • Student night with faculty and advisory board members
  • Student night with faculty and advisory board members
  • Student night with faculty and advisory board members
  • Student night with faculty and advisory board members
  • Business Analytics Cricket tournament
  • Business Analytics Cricket tournament
  • Business Analytics Cricket tournament
  • A Data Science learning and mentoring event with Intuit employees
  • A Data Science learning and mentoring event with Intuit employees
  • A Data Science learning and mentoring event with Intuit employees
  • Microsoft Azure Data Science event
  • Microsoft Azure Data Science event
  • Strategically located
    UNT’s proximity opens up a wealth of career, networking and internship opportunities. UNT is nestled in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, home to the nation’s fourth largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. The flexible career paths of a business analytics major, and proximity of UNT, open up a wealth of career, networking and internship opportunities.
    Industry connections
    More than 700 companies have offered paid internships over the past three years to UNT business students. Big name companies that hire our graduates, include:

    Texas Instruments • Toyota • PepsiCo • Hitachi • IBM
    Emily Holden Smith, Class of '19
    Data Analyst, Catalyst Corporate Credit Union
    When I started my MBA program at UNT, I did not know what aspect of business I wanted to focus on. After taking all of my core courses, I took Dr. Torres's Data Mining class and knew Data Analytics was the right path for me. I then declared my focus as Business Analytics and took as many data based classes as I could. I currently work as a Data Analyst for the Risk Analysis group at Catalyst Corporate Credit Union where I am transforming their data and making it easier to access and model using Alteryx.
    Huda Nahas, Class of '20
    Supply Chain Analyst, PepsiCo/Frito-Lay
    The UNT MBA-BA program equipped me with the knowledge required to stay competitive in the current job market. I was able to diversify my skillset of analytical tools and programs, while also gaining a deeper understanding of business. The program featured individual and group project work that prepared me for real-world application. Together, these skills have helped me to excel in my current role as a supply chain analyst.
    Fawad Azam Chohan
    Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) intern, Amazon
    The UNT provided me a tremendous opportunity to apply the material I learned in the MBA in Business Analytics program in my internship. It is incredible to see how the theoretical work came to life. The UNT provided countless opportunities to work individually and in groups with colleagues and students from all backgrounds. From this experience, I gained a great deal of leadership and technical skills. Additionally, the UNT personnel work extremely hard to individualize the experience for reach graduate student and provide graduate students with training geared towards their interests.
    Catherine Helbling
    Enterprise Data Services intern, Parkland Health and Hospital System
    The MS in Business Analytics program at UNT has taught me skills to be successful in the industry and provided opportunities to utilize what I’ve learned. By connecting with the professors in the program I’ve been afforded many opportunities to enhance my academic and career goals, including collaborating on journal papers, publishing projects, and making connections at top businesses. Through the program, I was offered an internship where I was able to see how the concepts I learned in school, like predictive analytics, data visualization, data warehousing, and requirements analysis, can be applied to benefit an organization.
    Apichris Chotichoey
    Marketing and Business Analytics Intern, Phoenix Protection Group
    The program has a friendly environment for someone who wants to pursue a new career path. I 'm an international student from an unrelated undergraduate degree. I can say that the program provides me with many useful resources to start my path in business analytics. My classmates are diverse from various industries and backgrounds, which adds to the learning. I got my internship with the help of the program. This program is also STEM-designated, ACSSB-Accredited, and located in expanding DFW metroplex, giving me extra possibilities after graduation. I'm so confident that this program would lead me to success.
    Ankit Pujari, Class of '20
    Business Intelligence Analyst, Amazon - AWS
    It’s been an amazing journey pursuing MSBA from UNT. The advanced coursework helped me expand and sharpen my knowledge in the space of analytics. My role as a Research Assistant at UNT’s Jim McNatt’s Institute of Logistics Research, where I chartered analytics as a service on projects also boosted my skills and confidence. Apart from the academic support, UNT did not cease to provide all kinds of support and scholarships even during the tough times. It was hard to say goodbye too early, but this journey made me ready to start a new chapter at Amazon.
    Gayatri Gandhar
    Business Intelligence Intern, Dell Technologies
    The program is structured in a way that prepares you for the real world. All of my professors are knowledgeable and friendly; I never felt alone in the journey. Plus, my peers have diverse backgrounds that were invested in helping each other to grow together. I would recommend this course to everyone who wants to build their career in the Analytics domain and wants to gain business insights at the same time!
    P. Maxwell Douglas
    DA/IT Audit Intern, Kimberly-Clark Corporation
    The Business Analytics program provided me the essential skills to not just contribute, but thrive within my internship. The Data Warehousing and Big Data courses taught by Prof. Kashif Saeed proved crucial in building my understanding of the role of data in a business environment and the relationships between the different logical parts of that data. Additionally, by focusing on technologies such as Hadoop, MySQL, Python, Scala, and Spark, and providing projects where students could see how these different components fit together, the students gained not only experience with these technologies, but also real world skills that could be taken into our future careers.

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