Tuition Waivers

Students that are supported by a Department as a TA/TF or who receive a scholarship of $1000 or more are eligible to receive a waiver of out-of-state tuition.

Graduate School Fellowships

Nominations are submitted to the Toulouse Graduate School by the Department once the applicant has been accepted.

Departmental Scholarships/Assistantships

Generally, students are provided funding support from the departments that accept them through scholarships and assistantships. This support gives students the opportunity to receive a waiver of out of state tuition. Information regarding assistantship positions can be obtained from the Ph.D. Coordinators.

Financial aid in the form of assistantships is granted to outstanding students. All financial aid is awarded on a competitive basis and is approved in consultation with the Department Chair and the appropriate departmental committee for recommendation to the CoB Office of Graduate Programs and Research. Applicants must have a Masters’s degree to be considered for funding in the form of an assistantship for the doctoral program. Continuation of the Graduate Assistant position each term is dependent on satisfactory progress as a (TA, TF, RA, GSA): Quality of Work; Oral and Written Communication; Accountability and Self-Management; and Subject Knowledge and Learning Ability.

Our program is a full-time in-resident research based program, and our students are active members of the department through research and teaching responsibilities.

Fellowships and Scholarships

The G. Brint Ryan College of Business strongly encourages doctoral applicants to apply for all available fellowships and scholarships.

The Toulouse Graduate School offers a limited amount of fellowships and scholarships. Learn more about graduate awards:

Travel Funding

Student Travel Approval Request Form