Distinguished Speaker Series - 2012-04-13

Jeff Giesea
Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of BestVendor
Friday, April 13th - 10:00am to 11:30am
BLB 170

Jeff has a passion for media and technology, especially in B2B. He is currently CEO of BestVendor, a venture-backed startup in New York. BestVendor is building a Yelp-like “social discovery” resource that helps people find the best work-related tools and apps. 

Previously Jeff founded FierceMarkets, an online media and lead-generation business serving specialized markets, which he successfully sold in 2008. He left in 2009 and took a year off to travel.

A graduate of Stanford, Jeff enjoys coffee shops, yoga, and travel adventures. He's originally from Portland, Oregon and lives in New York City.