Distinguished Speaker Series: 2020-02-24

Larry Lavine
Consultant and Leader
Monday, February 24th - 4:00pm
UNT Lyceum - University Union
Co-sponsored by the College of Hospitality, Merchandising and Tourism

Larry consults, conducts speaking engagements and has led and operated restaurants chains in the US and abroad. He has developed brands and has consulted with companies for more than 40 years. He has served on advisory boards and national organizations and brings knowledge and experience in brand development, team building, culture building programs, menu development, site evaluation and operating experience in expanding brands. Larry founded and served as Chili’s (Brinker Int.) president and led it through the IPO. He purchased and expanded Tia’s TexMex throughout the Southwest and has developed and led the expansion of many private restaurant chains in the US. Larry has worked with major restaurant chains in rebranding, concept refinement, as well as consulting in team building to achieving a motivated team, building a strong emphasis on a cultural development program and complete menu development. He has proven programs for building continual improvements in food quality and hospitality, along with review processes to keep brands fresh and competitive.