GREEN Workshops

As part of its commitment to academic excellence, the Department of Marketing, Logistics, & Operations Management sponsors a series of workshops each semester known as the “GREEN” (Guidance for Research, Education Effectiveness and Networking) workshops. These workshops feature many important topics that will assist doctoral students in learning how to effectively teach and conduct research, and proficiently network with scholars in our field. These workshops will be facilitated by UNT faculty who are world-renowned experts in their fields, including areas of consumer behavior, marketing strategy, supply-chain management and modelling domains of marketing research.

Topics of discussions will include:

  1. research activities (how to generate ideas, publish in premier journals)
  2. pedagogy (what makes an effective teacher)
  3. practice (what to expect on the job market, how to handle interviews, what are different marketing academic career paths).

These workshops will be facilitated as both discussion-format and guest speakers. Speakers will be a mix of faculty and graduate students, in addition to leading scholars from other universities.

Workshop Information

Who: Everyone is invited!
What: The GREEN workshop!
Where: Logistics Center, 1st floor
When: Fridays, from 2:00 p.m. - 4:50 p.m.
Why: Field knowledge!

Workshop Schedule

Week Date Theme Topics Covered
1 Sept. 1st Ph.D. program 101 What are the PhD program requirements?
How is a PhD. different from lower-level degrees?
How is our PhD program different from others?
Structure of PhD programs – open market vs. day 1
2 Sept. 8th Career Paths Types of academic jobs available
Trajectory and placement (starts day 1)
Who went where survey -
3 Sept. 15th Faculty Meeting 1pm-3pm No Workshop!
4 Sept. 22nd Qualitative Research Discussion led by Dr. Lou Pelton
5 Sept. 27th
(Wednesday at noon)
Guest Scholar Research Presentation - Greg Marshall
6 Oct. 6th What is research? Why do we do it?
The role of research in society
Journal rankings
Publishing in top journals
7 Oct. 13th RA/TA duties Balancing time
Perception is reality
How to do a proper literature review
What makes a good RA?
What makes a good TA?
8 Oct. 20th Faculty Presentation Dr. Seock Hong - “DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) and airport/airlines efficiency
9 Oct. 27th Teaching Teaching vs research balance
Which approach should I take in teaching?
Where do I get materials?
Grading and the role of assignments
Legal issues (e.g., sexual harassment/encounters, alcohol policies, ADA-related issues)
10 Nov. 3rd Experimentation 101 Why experiments?
How do I run an experiment?
Types of experiments? Tradeoffs?
JCR study formats…where do experiments fit in?
Introduce Behavioral Lab
11 Nov. 10th Generating ideas How do you come up with ideas?
How do you translate ideas into fruitful projects?
How do I know it’s a good idea?
How do I work with professors?
12 Nov. 17th Current Student Research Presentations - 10 minutes each student
13 Nov. 24th Thanksgiving Break No workshop!
14 Dec. 1st Social issues Work-family balance
Insider Knowledge
Financial issues
15 Dec. 8th Reading Day No meeting
16 Dec. 15th Research Updates Student Research presentations
17 Spring Semester Reviewing Why?
Conference reviewing vs. Journal reviewing
Can I decline?
How much time to devote
18 Spring Semester The professoriate Transitioning from student to faculty
A day in the life of a professor
Being on committees
Getting tenure
Contributing more broadly
Navigating departmental politics
18 Spring Semester Getting a job Timeline
Application packet
Letters of recommendation
AMA Interviewing
Campus visits
Accepting an offer
18 Spring Semester Ethical considerations Plagiarism
P-curving and P-hacking
Judgement Calls in Research
Intellectual Property