Fidelity Investments Integrated Business Case Competition awards more than $5,500 to winning team

Each semester The Fidelity Investments Integrated Business Case Competition provides graduating seniors the opportunity to solve complex business problems using the knowledge and skills they acquired in the classroom.

The competition rewards teams that develop creative solutions to business problems by merging the insights of individuals from different majors. This fall Bakary Badjie, Beverly Cordero, Randi Hodges, Soroya Lamastra, Brianna Markham, Christine Rubio and Luis Salazar were among the winning team, aptly named Bullseye Consulting.   
Sponsored by Fidelity Investments, the competition awarded each winning team member with $800, and first place bragging rights. For fall 2018 Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management major Brianna Markham, the competition provided more than a monetary award though.
“It allowed me to gain leadership skills,” said Markham. In helping the team stay the course, Markham assisted in leading them to the win.

Despite having their first proposal scrapped one week before the competition, Bullseye Consulting’s perseverance and strong leadership enabled them to quickly reconstruct a way to succeed. Their proposed business plan offered a collaborative approach aimed to increase Fidelity clientele by 20 percent over a five-year span.

By leveraging existing strengths in new ways all teams were able to deliver another batch of innovative solutions in this fall’s Fidelity Investments Integrated Business Case Competition.