Students offer strategies to optimize Mr. Cooper branding opportunities

As part of a semester-long project, five teams developed innovative marketing strategies to facilitate brand awareness for mortgage company, Mr. Cooper.

Previously known as NationStar Mortgage, Mr. Cooper recently rebranded to better personify the company’s identity and its promise to help customers achieve the American dream.

By collecting and analyzing primary and secondary research, students formed business proposals worthy of presenting in front of high-level executives. Loyalty rewards programs, mobile app enhancements, targeted communications and geolocation technology were among a few of the groups’ ideas, as they competed against one another for cash prizes.

Brett Williams, Matthew Murray, Kevone Kennedy, Brian Storrie and Richard Weber took home first place with their proposed solutions of enhancing omni-channel capabilities, implementing a streamlined customer rewards program and introducing multiple product lines.
“The most valuable takeaway, in my opinion, were the real world applications of this project,” said Williams, 2018 M.B.A. candidate. “It was very similar to what actually goes on in an office environment. We were given an objective/problem that Mr. Cooper wanted to improve on, and through research and data we were expected to clearly and concisely present our solution to Mr. Cooper executives.”
Not only did Williams and his team members take home $1,000, but the class’s invaluable insights inspired Mr. Cooper to also donate $15,000 to the college’s Department of Marketing – providing another successful example of how students and businesses in the DFW area are benefiting from UNT’s collaborative and experiential learning.