University of North Texas Launches First Risk Management and Insurance Study Abroad

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Denton, TX - The University of North Texas (UNT) College of Business recently launched its first Risk Management and Insurance faculty led study abroad course. 

Developed and taught by lecturer and industry professional, Dale Sharpe Jenkins, the Risk Management Global Operations class introduced ten students to five weeks of intensive coursework that integrated the classroom with real world international experiences. Beginning with two weeks on the UNT Denton campus, students were introduced to Michael Yip, vice president of Risk Management for DFW Airport, and Paul Thomson, CEO of Scottish American Insurance Brokers, to prepare them for their trip ahead. The senior-level professionals provided students with valuable expertise and cultural information, as well as stories of their professional and personal experiences abroad. 

After the initial two weeks on campus, the class was then immersed in a true international business environment when they flew to the U.K. to continue the course abroad, while also enrolling on Business Policy with Dr. Mike Sexton.

“What was enlightening about studying in the United Kingdom was seeing real-world business professionals, and more specifically risk managers, implementing many of the exact same strategies across the globe as what I had read in my study material... It was surprising to see that my expectedly limited academics were not so limited after all, because I was seeing them translated into something tangible in front of my eyes in a country vastly different from my own,” Alec Roberson, senior integrated business student graduation 2018. 

The fifteen-day trip abroad included stays in London, Oxford, Liverpool and Scotland, and included visits to Lloyds of London, Grant Thornton, VISA, Weir Engineering, the U.S. Embassy and several other businesses operating internationally in the U.K. 

The course concluded with a final week back in the states, where students reflected on what they learned through the program.

“Taking this class while abroad provided me with a new view on how companies operate globally and how risk management is essential to every business. I appreciate this new point of view especially as a student hoping to work with international operations in the future,” said international business student Hanna Roberts.

The UNT College of Business is thankful for the generous support provided by the DFW RIMS and Houston Marine that helped offset the travel costs for these students to provide them with the academic opportunity of a lifetime.