A tale of twin scholars

Fraternal twins and freshmen Nicholas and Alexander Jo from Lone Star High school in Frisco share more than just the same birthdays, home address and school. They both chose to come to UNT and decided to pursue their BS/MS degree in accounting.

“We were drawn to Accounting due to hearing how great of a program it is at UNT”, said Nicholas.

Nicholas was admitted into UNT's Accounting Scholars Program (ASP) as a direct high school applicant and is also the recipient of an Eagle Excellence scholarship. UNT seemed like a natural fit for them. Their father works in Denton and their sister and brother-in-law reside in Denton as well. So, UNT was the perfect choice since being close to family was important for the twins.

Following the Ryan College of Business' annual Business Palooza event, Alexander was also motivated to join ASP. He expressed his intention to retake the ACT, as he was close to the cut-off score and believed a retake would help. This November he was happy to inform that his current score was higher than his prior attempt, qualifying him to join ASP. He reapplied to ASP and was accepted into the program. His perseverance paid off.

The twins have been active in accounting student organizations right from their first semester at UNT.  Alexander is an incoming officer for the Professional Accounting Student Society (PASS) as “Sergeant-at-Arms” and both twins are active in the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) and hope to take on leadership roles in the future.

“We are both very excited to be a part of the Accounting Scholars Program together, and we thoroughly enjoyed the 'Great Impressions' event that was held last week. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of the program," said the twins.

The twins hope to carry on their twin partnership into the workforce and may even collaborate to have their own accounting firm together in the future.