Undergraduate advisors flawlessly transition to online platforms

The G. Brint Ryan College of Business undergraduate advising team flawlessly transitioned their entire advising program online during one of the busiest times of the year.
When the news hit that everyone would need to practice social distancing and begin to work remotely, the college's advisors were forced to become accessible and flexible in new, innovative ways. Without any complaints, or any down time, the team came together to maintain their high level of service without comprising student success.

"This situation has produced some of the best qualities in the staff," commented Christina Aguilar, director of student engagement and recruitment. "It's been a testament to how everyone can just roll with the punches."

From the college’s IT team ensuring that everyone had the equipment and resources necessary to succeed, to the leadership of Dr. Anna Sidorova and her foresight of preparing a contingency plan prior to quarantine implementation, everyone played a role in the success of this critical conversion.

Even the advising team's student workers rallied together for the college--shifting work assignments to assisting with implementing a more efficient paperwork process, reviewing website issues, calling students who have not registered, and pulling weekly enrollment numbers. "They are a big asset to us during this time when we are still concentrating on how to make things work in this new norm," said Pam Milner, director of undergraduate programs and processes.

Shelbi Rankin, the college's undergraduate recruiter, has even been able to develop more meaningful  conversations and relationships in transitioning her recruiting events to an online platform. Their success has been so well noted that others across campus are beginning to model their processes.
A special shout out goes to Christina Aguilar, Erin Day and Pam Milner, in addition to the whole advising staff, for being the essential team to make it all happen.