Dr. Michael Savoie earns rare distinction of IIIS IDF Fellow

Dr. Michael Savoie, clinical professor in operations management and president and CEO of HyperGrowth Solutions, Inc., was named an Inter-disciplinary Fellow (IDF) by The International Institute of Systemics, Cybernetics, and Informatics (IIIS).

From the IIIS’ 6,000 member base, there are just 50 IIIS IDF fellows named, worldwide, at any given time—signifying the importance of such a designation. According to the IIIS, the honorary award "is granted to those who have had a high level of achievement in their respective profession and an outstanding contribution in fostering inter-disciplinary or multiple-disciplinary communications."

IIIS was founded in 1995 as a multi-disciplinary organization fostering inter-disciplinary communication and integration. To support these goals, the IIIS hosts an annual conference where paper presentations and conversational sessions are facilitated. Conference keynote speakers include respected authors of peer-reviewed research, coming from reputable organizations and universities. No more than 1% of keynote speakers are selected as IDF fellows.

“This cohort was consensually decided by scholars who are among the most frequent participants in our conference as plenary keynote speakers, who, in turn, are selected among the best papers as evaluated by the reviewers in our two-tier reviewing methodology,” explained Dr. Nagib Callaos, co-founder and current president of IIIS. “The principal input was based on the effectiveness in communicating intra- and inter-disciplinary research results and reasoning to the multi-disciplinary audiences of the IIIS conferences.”

Savoie has teaching and business experience in executive management, strategic planning, operations management, cybersecurity/risk management, information systems and data analytics, engineering, quality and training. He is an internationally recognized public speaker, serves as a consultant to numerous companies, and is a technology adviser to federal, state and local governments.

Prior to joining UNT, Savoie was a visiting research professor at SMU and served as the dean of the College of Technology and Computing at Utah Valley University.