Marketing major turned Queen

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Meet Miranda Wilkes, UNT's 2022 Homecoming Queen.

Homecoming has always been one of Wilkes’ favorite traditions at UNT, which is why she wanted the chance to participate on Homecoming Court.

In order to be selected as Homecoming Royalty, Wilkes had to go through an application process where they asked her what it takes to be a student leader. She also had to create a campus impact project and submit a budget.

For her campus impact project, Wilkes planned an event to raise awareness for Rhett syndrome, an incurable disease that effects young girls. Wilkes shared that her cousin, Laura, was diagnosed when she was a young toddler, so she’s seen firsthand how it affects someone.

Throughout her campaign, and even after being crowned, Wilkes was blown away by the love and support she received.

“I know how many people I have in my corner supporting me through life’s journey, but one thing I was surprised about was just how many people. I felt nothing but support and love throughout the entire week,” said Wilkes.

She said that the number of doors that opened for her since being crowned has been overwhelming. She’s networked with many industry professionals that she wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to—including her college’s namesake, G. Brint Ryan.

“I really thought support would die down after a couple days, but even still, the support is amazing,” Wilkes said.

Wilkes is a marketing major who wants to pursue her graduate degree either in strategic communication analysis at UNT, or in advertising and public relations at UT.

As a Student Ambassador, Wilkes often gets to show prospective students and incoming freshmen around campus. She is also a member of the Student Alumni Association and Phi Sigma Phi, working in membership development.

Wilkes’ ultimate goal is to work for a sports company in digital media and content creation—with the Astros being her dream team to work for, because she grew up watching them with her family.

As for her Homecoming experience, Wilkes said that she is grateful for the opportunity to represent her organizations and UNT, and for the phenomenal people she got to share it with.

“I’ll remember it forever.”