Lecturer by day, recording engineer by night

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Lecturer by day and recording engineer by night, Dr. Dexter Purnell is showing his students the value of marketing through firsthand experiences.

Purnell engineered (recorded and mixed) one of Billboard's recently named Top Ten Songs of 2022, "No Greater Love," featuring two Grammy-award winners, Rudy Currence and Chrisette Michele.

With an extensive background working alongside many highly acclaimed recording artists and record labels, such as Sony, Disturbing Tha Peace Records, Def Jam Records, Asylum Records, and Slip-N-Slide Records (to name just a few), the talent Purnell brings into his studio also carries over into the classroom.

“As a recording engineer/record producer, it is my job to add value to the client's project and help them deliver that value to the listener. It is my ability to communicate how I can add value that allows me to continue working in the industry,” explained Purnell. “We are all marketers whether we know it or not. Value is the linchpin of marketing. As marketers, we have to create, communicate and deliver value to consumers.”

And as Purnell continues to deliver value in the music industry, his students are able to learn from his marketing successes and gain a unique perspective in the field.