Excelling in the accounting field

Haleigh Tuma (pictured left) and RayeAnna Gaby
(pictured right)

Accounting majors Haleigh Tuma (pictured left) and RayeAnna Gaby (pictured right) recently made UNT history after earning perfect scores on the Microsoft Excel Expert exam.

All accounting students enrolled in ACCT 4100 (Accounting Information Systems) are required take the Microsoft Excel Expert exam to better prepare for the workforce and enhance the skillsets necessary to excel in the accounting field.

"Excel is very important in the accounting field. The better you are with it, the easier your job will be in the future," said Gaby.

Since this requirement was added to UNT's accounting curriculum, only one other accounting student has earned a perfect score in past years.

“For perspective, nationally, one out of roughly every 3,000 test takers earn a perfect score, and we had two this semester,” explained Accounting Professor Jose Lineros.

Passing the Microsoft Excel Expert exam, and doing so with a perfect score, not only provides students with invaluable knowledge, but it also helps them stand out amongst competitors in the job market.

“Taking the Excel Expert exam is beneficial to students’ knowledge about Excel and helps to introduce features that otherwise you might not just know to exist from general knowledge,” said Tuma. “Excel is going to be a significant part of my future as I go into my internships in the accounting field and just generally as I progress into my career in accounting.”