UNT professors ranked among best researchers in the world

Pictures left to right: Professor Jeremy Short, Professor Victor
​​​​​​​Prybutok, and Professor Audhesh Paswan

G. Brint Ryan College of Business Professors Jeremy Short, Audhesh Paswan and Victor Prybutok have all been cited among the best scholars in the world, according to a recent ranking by Research.com.

"The approval criteria for scientists to be considered into the ranking of top scientists are based on the D-index, proportion of the publications made within the given discipline, plus the awards and achievements of the researchers.”

Short, Prybutok and Paswan recorded 13,112, 11,269, and 5,442 citations, respectively, earning them their deserved ranking.

The research contributions of these faculty advance knowledge and innovation at the university, while simultaneously enhancing the institutional reputation and learning opportunities for our students.