Accounting major passes all four parts of CPA exam prior to walking the stage

Vy Nguyen, recent accounting graduate from the UNT G. Brint Ryan College of Business, passed all four parts of the CPA exam before walking across the stage this spring. This significant achievement showcases Nguyen's dedication, meticulous planning, and the exceptional support she received from UNT's accounting program.

"I think UNT does a very good job of helping its students achieve their goals," said Nguyen. "One of my main goals was to pass all four parts of the CPA exam before graduation, and all the professors and classes that I took helped lead me to this achievement."


vy nguyen.jpg

Nguyen also emphasized the importance of aligning the exam sections with her coursework to maximize her preparation.

"Planning in detail exactly when to take every section is one of the major steps in creating 'positive' pressure for me to get through this journey," explained Nguyen. "I also arranged my school schedule along with the CPA exam schedule so that I could do both to the best of my ability. I believe that knowing exactly how the 'game plan' should be, made the process much clearer and easier to get through."

In addition to passing all four parts of the CPA exam, Nguyen was selected as the department's 2023 Outstanding MS Accounting Student and graduated from the program Summa Cum Laude—testaments to her exemplary performance and commitment to excellence.

Nguyen's hard work is already paying off.

She has secured a position as an asset wealth management assurance associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, set to begin in September. This achievement reflects not only Nguyen's dedication, but also the recognition of her talent and potential by one of the Big Four.

"The UNT accounting program and department were amazing... I don’t think I could have ever achieved my goals without them. They were preparing me in every way they possibly could, from the technical foundation knowledge to the emerging technologies so that I could be a better-equipped accountant in the workforce."