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As an Entrepreneurship major, you will spend most of your freshman and sophomore years taking general courses like English History, and Math. Your junior year will revolve around courses that provide an overall understanding of business such a basic Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, and Computer Information Systems. As a senior, you'll focus on courses in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Processes, Business Ethics, International Business Operations, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Organizational Behavior, Complex Organizations, and Managing Team-Based Organizations, among others.

The Entrepreneurship faculty at UNT consists of highly qualified, full-time educators whose premier reputations are based on innovative teaching, outstanding research, and quality service to the profession and community. A one-on-one interaction with students is emphasized.

Students majoring in Entrepreneurship have numerous opportunities to participate in professional organizations. Among these are: the Strategic Management Society (SMS), ENACTUS - Students in Entrepreneurial Action, and the North Texas Entrepreneurs Council (NTEC).

Jobs in Entrepreneurship

There are about 25 million businesses in the United States. Some of these are very large enterprises having thousands of employees and billions of dollars in sales; most are small to medium-size businesses having fewer than 100 employees. Regardless of size, all businesses need managers who can plan, organize, direct, and control work in order to accomplish business objectives. The Entrepreneurship Professional Field is designed to assist you in developing the management skills and behaviors necessary to effectively manage an organization of any size in any management capacity.

The field of Entrepreneurship provides a broad exposure to skills necessary in managing a total organization. Entrepreneurship is the art and science of initiating new ventures or significantly growing existing firms through innovation and change. This field is necessary for suitable growth of businesses and the U.S. economy.

Many career options are available to students who choose the Entrepreneurship Professional Field: a management position at any level in any size firm; a position of responsibility if you are going back into your family-owned business; an ownership position should you decide to start your own business. You will have the flexibility to move from one management position to another in one company, or from company to company using your ability to creatively and innovatively solve business problems and continuously improve productivity. Entrepreneurship majors are currently in high demand by growth-oriented companies desiring re-structuring, re-engineering, and re-invention as well as those moving team-based, continuous quality improvement organizations. You will be prepared for self-employment as well... both now and in the future. You will acquire knowledge about how to start your own business...and succeed!

Should you decide to work for someone else upon graduation, UNT's Career Planning and Placement Service (CPPS) will help you prepare for finding a job. CPPS will provide you with information about prospective employers and about techniques for writing resumes, interviewing, and other employment strategies. You will also receive notification of available positions and information about companies which will be interviewing at UNT. Entrepreneurship majors who opt for self employment upon graduation can receive venture start-up assistance for UNT's Small Business Institute.

Internship Opportunities

You are encouraged to make an internship part of your program during your senior year. Entrepreneurship cooperates with UNT's Center for Cooperative Education (CCE) to provide internship opportunities for all Entrepreneurship majors. CEE students are currently employed by more than 300 companies in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Many students take full-time positions with Intern Sponsoring Employers upon graduation.

General Requirements

Certain Core Requirements are necessary to complete the Bachelor of Business Administration degree in the professional field of Entrepreneurship. The following is a list of the total hours needed. By clicking on the following list, you will be taken to the Undergraduate Advising site where you can learn more about the degree plan.

THECB Marketable Skills
  • Leadership ability
  • Knowledge of start/sustain/grow business
  • Oral and written communication
  • Application of cross-discipline business principles
  • Address complex business situations

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