Exams and Testing

As part of our printing services, we provide a detailed exam printing process. Options include colored paper to distinguish different versions of exams, scantrons inserted into individual exams, and make-up testing rooms available for scheduling students who couldn’t make the exam. After printing exams, we offer the option of secure holding until pick-up of the exam.

We supply the G. Brint Ryan College of Business with a number of scantrons seen below. The 882-E, 884-E, 889-E, and 815-E scantron forms can be graded in our building in one of two smaller copy rooms, located in Room 310 and 384 on the third floor. If you prefer to use a different scantron, please see the UNT Testing Center at Sage Hall for grading requirements.

If after grading scantrons, you’d like to make a copy of them for your records, there are detailed instructions in both smaller copy rooms on how to copy the scantrons using the Xerox 4260 machines.