Raymond E. Miles Distinguished Scholar Award

The Department of Management at the University of North Texas is proud to honor internationally acclaimed scholars with the Raymond E. Miles Distinguished Scholar Award. The award was originally given in 1993 to bring leading Management scholars to meet the UNT community and to present their latest research to faculty and students alike. Since its inception the department has had the fortune to give the award to some of the brightest minds and most successful management scholars in the world. A list of recipients is given below.

Dr. Raymond E. Miles, who holds an AB in Journalism and an MBA in Industrial Relations from UNT, is Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Haas School of Business, University of California Berkley. He has published six books and over fifty articles in a variety of areas including: leadership and managerial philosophies, organizational development and design, and alternative arrangements of strategy, structure and process. He has been named a Fellow in the Academy of Management and sits on the Board of Directors of several organizations including Union Bank of California and Granite Construction.

Award Recipients
  • 1993 – Dr. Raymond E. Miles
  • 1995 – Dr. John B. Cullen
  • 1995 – Dr. Nina Gupta
  • 1995 – Dr. G. Douglas Jenkins, Jr.
  • 1995 – Dr. Richard A. Cosier
  • 1997 – Dr. Charles C. Snow
  • 1998 – Dr. Barbara B. Flynn
  • 1999 – Dr. Dennis W. Organ
  • 2001 – Dr. William Glick
  • 2002 – Dr. David L. Olson
  • 2005 – Dr. W.C. Benton
  • 2005 – Dr. Michael Hitt
  • 2009 – Dr. Albert A. Cannella, Jr
  • 2010 – Dr. Richard A. Cosier
  • 2012 – Dr. Kimberly Eddleston
  • 2013 - Dr. Rachna Shah

Dr. Rachna Shah

Dr. Rachna Shah, Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, was the Raymond E. Miles Distinguished Scholar for the Department of Management in Fall 2013.  Dr. Shah received her PhD in 2002 from The Ohio State University.  She has been globally recognized for her research in lean operations both in manufacturing and service industries, and is widely published in top journals in her field.  Dr. Shah’s presentation entitled “Beyond the Checklist:  It is not What to do but How to do it,” included a discussion of her work as a result of a research grant from the Medical Industry Leadership Institute to study one of the most effective heart attack treatment programs in the U.S.  Both faculty and doctoral students attended her presentation on October 11, 2013.