Student Onboarding Program

Welcome to the UNT Logistics Student Onboarding Program! This program began in Fall 2013, and is the brainchild of the Logistics Center Board of Directors members. Board members expressed the need for students to gain additional soft skills that will help them “hit the ground running” and be able to contribute to an organization more quickly, be it during an internship or a regular full-time job placement. These skills help set UNT Logistics students apart from their competition in the marketplace for jobs and promotions.

The program takes place on select Fridays, from 12:00-1:00pm, with corporate representatives facilitating lectures and workshops on topics such as:

  • Make the impression – Effective interpretation and presentation of analyses
  • Networking and relationships – Cultivating, building, and sustaining
  • Dress for Success
  • Communication – Verbal and written, effective presentations
  • Social media – How to use effectively
  • Where do I fit in at my new company? Dealing with generation gaps
  • Interviewing from an employer’s standpoint/How to prepare for a behavioral interview
  • Advanced Excel
  • Mentoring – Formal and informal/Career paths

Students must RSVP to attend these sessions. After completing four program sessions students will receive their Logistics Onboarding certificate through the Center for Logistics Education & Research which is a great addition to a resume!

Important information for all events

For all events, registration is required. Registration closes at 12:00 noon on the day before the event. Virtual meetings will be recorded and post-event attendance reports will be sent to the professors. Reports include a list of registered participants, and the arrival and departure times of each attendee.

Register online before 12:00 noon on the day before the event. After registering, students will immediately receive an email confirmation to the email address provided on the registration form. The in-person classroom location and the link to the virtual event will be sent to the same email address one day before the event.

The class number entered on the registration form will be the class for which the student receives the attendance credit. Students have the ability to change the class number for a registered event by logging in and clicking ‘edit’ in the event they have registered for. Students also have the ability to cancel registration for a registered event by logging in and clicking ‘cancel’ in the event they have registered for. If a student has registered for an event and is not be able to attend, they should cancel their registration no later than 24 hours before the start time of the event. The registration system will allow students to register for an event until capacity restrictions have been met. Students should register early in the semester as events fill up very quickly!

Upcoming Events

  • The success or failure of a person in “the corporate world” will depend more on a set of individual connection through social relationships then how much a person knows, how hard they work, or what qualifications they have obtained. Dr. Brian Sauser will explain the science and practical knowledge behind social networks, and why your next job will depend on them. The health of your social network is your connection to knowledge, innovation, productivity, advancement, effectiveness, experience, and job satisfaction. Dr. Sauser will also share with you a set of skills for building, maintaining, and sustaining your own social network so you can make the invisible flows within your professional environment visible.

    Friday, February 24th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (room number and virtual link will be sent to all registered participants one day before event starts)
    Brian Sauser
    Ph.D., Professor at UNT, Department of Logistics and Operations Management

    Dr. Brian Sauser is a Professor at the University of North Texas (UNT) in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business and UNT New College. He is the founder and former Director of the Complex Logistics Systems Laboratory, and he served as the Director of the Jim McNatt Institute for Logistics Research from 2016-2019. Before joining UNT, he held positions as an Assistant Professor with the School of Systems and Enterprises at Stevens Institute of Technology where is he was Director of the Systems Development and Maturity Laboratory; Project Specialist with ASRC Aerospace at NASA Kennedy Space Center; Program Administrator with the New Jersey – NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey; and Laboratory Director with G.B. Tech Engineering at NASA Johnson Space Center. He has taught LSCM 4860 Advanced Logistics Management (The Logistics Capstone) since 2013 and also taught a combined LSCM 4860 and MKTG 4890 Marketing Capstone from 2018-2019. He is the Degree Architect of the new BS in Industrial Distribution at UNT New College in Frisco.

  • Most elevator rides are one or two minutes long. You can endure one or two minutes of awkward silence. Right? But what if that silence happens while you are standing with the best person who can advance your career? That, unfortunately, is unrecoverable time lost. Instead of remaining silent use those few minutes to promote yourself and discover the opportunities that exist with the people you meet. Oh, but wait! How do you know what to say? What if you have too much to share? You don’t want to give only half of your story before those elevator doors open. What should you focus on? Come to this presentation by Jason Meyer, Executive Vice President & Partner at Cooksey Communications, and learn how to create your own personal elevator speech and never get nervous in the awkward silence again.

    Friday, March 3rd - 12:00pm
    In-person and online (room number and virtual link will be sent to all registered participants one day before event starts)
    Jason Meyer
    President & Partner of Cooksey Communications

    Jason Meyer is an integrated marketing communications professional with more than two decades of experience in branding, public affairs, media relations (local, state and national), advertising, media planning and buying, collateral development, special events and community relations. Expertise comprises print, digital and broadcast media relations for Fortune 500 companies, as well as large community/civic organizations. Demonstrated leadership in agency business development, organizational planning, staff hiring and supervision, and development and management of both internal and client budgets. Successful campaign efforts include the real estate, professional services, health care, education, government, transportation, retail, entertainment and publishing business sectors.

  • In this discussion Jeremy Lane of TTI, Inc. will analyze the history of research around what is known as Career Derailment, or sometimes Managerial Derailment. We will investigate the four primary causes of derailment and how young professionals can build early habits to avoid these pitfalls.

    Friday, March 24th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (room number and virtual link will be sent to all registered participants one day before event starts)
    Jeremy Lane
    Senior Director of Talent Development at TTI, Inc.

    Jeremy Lane is the Senior Director of Talent Development for TTI, Inc., a global distributor of electronic components headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Prior to moving into his current role, Jeremy spent many years leading teams on the purchasing and inventory management side of TTI’s business, a department he now gets to serve, alongside many others in the organization, as he and his team assist employees in developing their own skills and abilities. Jeremy completed his undergraduate degree in business at Dallas Baptist University and holds a graduate degree in organizational management. He lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife and three children.

  • Come learn how communication really works with JAS Transport. In this presentation, Ernest Osei and Michael Scholz will be talking about how different departments communicate with each other, how managers connect with their workforce, and how important clear communication is between their branch and corporate offices.

    Friday, March 31st - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (room number and virtual link will be sent to all registered participants one day before event starts)
    Ernest Osei
    Branch Manager at JAS Transport

    Ernest Osei has 17+ years of logistical experience, solutions driven mindset, and strong customer service focus. His tenure by way of the University of North Texas consists of managerial roles with Air/Ocean Imports, Customs Brokerage, CFS Manager, Local Sales, Account Management, Transition Manager, and Branch Manager within the Southwest Texas region alongside other Tier 1 Freight Forwarders.

    Michael Scholz
    Gateway Manager at JAS Transport

    Michael Scholz has 15+ years’ experience in international logistics in several countries. He has experience in general cargo as well as Project, Helicopter and general Aerospace shipping. Michael has held roles in Air as well as Ocean.

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