Logistics Executive Lecture Series

The Center for Logistics & Supply Chain Management sponsors the Logistics Executive Lecturer Series which promotes excellence in student-centered education. These lecture sessions expose students, faculty, and researchers to senior industry leaders. Students directly interact with senior executives and gain first-hand knowledge regarding the challenges they face and the leadership strategies being deployed by participating firms.

Important information for all events

Speaker presentations for the semester will be held on Fridays from 12:00noon to 1:00 p.m. and will be presented in both in-person and virtual formats. Zoom meetings will be scheduled for each event and registration will be required. Zoom meetings will be recorded and post-event attendance reports will be sent to the professors.

Students must register online to attend all events. Registration closes at noon on Thursday prior to the event. Students will immediately receive an email confirmation to the email address provided on the registration form. The in-person classroom location and the link to the virtual Zoom event will be sent to the same email address one day before the event. The class number entered on the registration form will be the class for which the student receives the attendance credit. Students have the ability to change the class number for a registered event by logging in and clicking ‘edit’ in the event they have registered for. Students also have the ability to cancel registration for a registered event by logging in and clicking ‘cancel’ in the event they have registered for. If a student has registered for an event and is not be able to attend, they should cancel their registration no later than noon on Thursday prior to the event on Friday to allow another student the opportunity to attend. The registration system will allow students to register for an event until capacity restrictions have been met (Zoom = 300). Students should register early in the semester as events fill up very quickly!

Upcoming Events

  • This presentation will entail a summary of the transformation of the UNT World procurement office from one which was predominantly transactional in nature to one evolving into a strategic apparatus enabling the mission of UNT System’s 4 institutions (UNTSA, UNT, UNTHSC, UNTD). This evolution includes a transformation of the Office’s culture to one of creativity, continuous learning, and customer success orientation. Equally important to the culture transformation is the workforce transformation to include professional development and a Business Internship, which places UNTW Procurement on the front-line of preparing students (predominantly from RCOB and UNTD Business School) for a professional career in supply chain management.

    Friday, October 1st - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Ron Brade

    Associate Vice Chancellor, UNT System Procurement

    In October 2020, Verron “Ron” Brade was named the Associate Vice Chancellor for Strategic Sourcing and Chief Procurement Officer at the University of North Texas System (UNTS).  He’s responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership, and integration of strategic sourcing, procure-to-pay functions, and the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Program.  In addition, Ron also inspires financial and procurement professionals across UNT World with strong programs of members including a newly developed Procurement Business Internship Program for undergraduate students from both UNT and UNT Dallas Business Schools.

    Ron is also a retired member of the federal Senior Executive Service (SES) and served most recently as the Associate Center Director at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Ames Research Center (ARC) in “Silicon Valley.”  Prior to that, he was the Deputy Associate Administrator for NASA’s Mission Support Directorate (MSD) where he, in partnership with the AA for MSD, was responsible for advising the NASA Administrator and Deputy Administrator concerning all aspects of institutional support encompassing an annual budget of over $3 Billion.  As such, he collaboratively provided oversight for Agency-wide mission enabling functions comprising Human Capital Management, Strategic Infrastructure including Construction of Facilities, Procurement, Protective Services, Headquarters Operations, the NASA Shared Services Center, and NASA Strategic Partnerships including Space Act Agreements.  At HQ, Ron also served as the Pride Alliance Executive Sponsor.

    Ron received his Bachelor’s Degree from Virginia Tech and Master’s Degree in Public Administration from The George Washington University with concentrations in Procurement and Contracting.  He hails from South Boston, VA and currently commutes from Dallas, TX to Clarksville, MD where he’s married to Angela LaCroix and has three children:  Bianca, Beau, and Brielle.

  • In this presentation Michael Carmody will present an in depth look at warehouse automation technology known as the AutoStore system. AutoStore is a modular robotic warehouse automation system that is redefining order fulfillment. The system is live in over 650 locations around the world, solving the on-going warehouse challenges one facility at a time. AutoStore is a Norwegian robotics & technology company that has deployed more than 25,000 robots.

    Friday, October 8th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Michael Carmody

    3PL Solutions Leader, AutoStore

    Michael is the 3PL sales leader at AutoStore NA, bringing over 22 years of supply chain solutions deploying technology applications across North America and Mexico. Michael focuses primarily within the 3PL market needs with an approach that matches fulfilment value with service requirements landscape. Responsibilities include crafting ROI equations that deliver clear pathways for financing AutoStore solutions by leveraging best practices for cost justification with automation. Team goals center around deepening AutoStore’s understanding of the 3PL service leaders in Warehousing, Distribution, Final Mile and Urban Fulfilment. Michael is bi-lingual with working proficiency in Spanish and English.

  • This presentation will highlight the increasing demand for global e-commerce logistics solutions, the introduction of robotic fulfillment in the Middle East, and the complexities of doing business internationally.

    Friday, October 29th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Mark Khayat

    Senior Vice President Global Commercial Operations, IQ Fulfillment

    Mark Khayat is the Senior Vice President of Global Commercial Operations for IQ Holding, a technology startup specializing in Robotic Fulfillment solutions with headquarters in Dubai, UAE. He is currently working on developing IQ Holding’s global strategy for expansion.

    Prior to joining IQ Holding, he spent 28 years with UPS in multiple leadership roles in Business Development with the primary focus of expanding the company’s international presence and footprint. 

    In his last role, he served as Vice President of International Business Development for Enterprise Accounts leading a US sales team which developed global logistics solutions for fortune 500 companies.

    He was instrumental in the success of UPS’ expansion in Europe and the Middle East. He spent several years in France and Dubai, UAE working on complex acquisitions and integrations.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from UCLA.

  • AllianceTexas is a 37,000 acre mixed use real estate development with a global logistics inland port. Tom Harris has been an integral part of the development and success of AllianceTexas. With more than 30 years of tenure with Hillwood, Harris has touched every aspect of the business. Harris began his career with Hillwood in 1990 at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport, the world’s first industrial airport. Harris worked to establish and grow the airport’s fixed base operation and airport management companies into world class operations.

    Friday, November 5th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Tom Harris

    Executive Vice President, Hillwood, A Perot Company

    With more than 30 years with Hillwood, Harris has been an integral part of the development and success of AllianceTexas and has touched every aspect of the business. When he began his career with Hillwood in 1990 at the Fort Worth Alliance Airport, Harris worked to establish and grow the airport’s fixed base operation and airport management companies into world class operations.

    In 2000, Harris moved to direct the operations and administration for the real estate business at the AllianceTexas development, which included property and land management, aerospace and aviation business development, office administration, security, and special events and owners’ association activities. In his role as Senior Vice President of Operations, Harris was also responsible for launching and overseeing the Alliance Landscape Company, an initiative to provide more efficient and economical high-quality landscape solutions to AllianceTexas customers.

    Harris rejoined the Fort Worth Alliance Airport in 2012 as President of Alliance Air & Aviation Services. In this role, he was responsible for the management and oversight of Alliance Airport and the Alliance Aviation Services team. Recently, Harris transitioned to Executive Vice President for Hillwood, and now oversees key airport infrastructure projects, activities at the AllianceTexas Mobility Innovation Zone (MIZ), workforce development programs and community partnerships.

  • During this presentation, our PepsiCo representatives will discuss what it is like to work in supply chain. The team will also walk through various business challenges that occur in transportation which require adaptation and focus to drive for results to turn negative situations into success. In addition to walking through real-world supply chain scenarios, our panel will also walk through some of the challenges and opportunities of transitioning from a new college graduate to the workforce in supply chain. This first transition and time period serves as the foundation and building blocks of a successful career with any organization. Join our team as we talk through the real aspects of supply chain and our experiences that guide our day-to-day decisions.

    Friday, November 12th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    BJ Burruss

    Director of Inbound Operations, PepsiCo Transportation

    BJ Burruss is a 22-year Supply Chain professional with 18 years’ experience in transportation logistics. He is currently the Director of Inbound Operations with Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc (PLCI) at PepsiCo located in Plano, TX. BJ also leads PLCI’s Diversity and Inclusion initiatives that focuses on cultivating a diverse and inclusive work environment where all associates feel equally welcomed, valued and able to succeed. His work with the D&I initiatives help to raise the bar on PepsiCo talent & diversity by ensuring PLCI’s teams have the appropriate processes to enable diverse representation in the work place.

    Matt Crawford

    Operations Manager, PepsiCo Transportation

    Matt Crawford is 26-year transportation industry veteran with experience in warehousing, logistics, freight brokerage, asset utilization, dedicated fleet solutions, and headquarters operations. He is presently an Operations Manager at Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc., located in Plano, TX, where he leads a team whose primary focus is to provide transportation solutions to PepsiCo’s Frito Lay business unit.

    Vanessa Beasley

    Supervisor of Value Chain Transformation, PepsiCo Transportation

    Vanessa Beasley is a 20-year Logistics professional, with freight brokerage, account management and now focusing on Last Mile business with internal and external customers She is currently the Supervisor for the Value Chain Transformation team with Pepsi Logistics located in Plano, Texas. Vanessa is also a member of various employee resource groups within PepsiCo such as: Women of Color and heavily involved in the PepsiCo Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team focusing on recruitment.

    Andrew Chapa

    Strategy and Development Manager, PepsiCo Transportation

    Andrew Chapa is 6-year transportation industry professional with experience in freight brokerage, data/financial analytics, project management, and process improvement. He is presently the Strategy and Development Manager at Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc., located in Plano, TX, where he focuses on cultivating relationships with other shippers by leveraging PepsiCo transport solutions. Andrew is a member the PLCI Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team focusing on recruitment.

Previous Events

  • In this transportation outlook discussion, Jim Nichol will share the current distribution growth in Texas and highlight the services, core values, history, post-pandemic challenges, and the newest technology being implemented at American Diamond Logistics. American Diamond Logistics is the nation's premier 3PL provider with Full Truckload services throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico via Dry Vans, Refrigerated Vans, and flatbeds, with the ability to send clients the Real-Time GPS Location of their freight.

    Friday, September 17th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Jim Nichol

    Executive Vice President, American Diamond Logistics

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    Jim Nichol has over 25 years of experience in Supply Chain from warehousing, distribution, production, transportation, and Management. He spent many years with Home Depot, Best Buy, and Dart Transit Company in Director roles for both Sales to Operations. Jim joined American Diamond Logistics in 2014 as the Executive Vice President. American Diamond Logistics has grown from a 2-million-dollar revenue company in 2014 to a 30-million-dollar revenue company in 2021. Jim has been married 21 years and he and his wife have 3 sons. The oldest is an architect, the middle son is a bull rider for Tarleton State, and the youngest wrestles for Timber Creek High School in Keller TX.

  • In this presentation of Reinventing Your Logistics Focus:  How Changing Consumer Habits and Industry Shifts Are Opening Significant Career Opportunities in the Logistics Industry, participants can expect to learn

    • The field of logistics is a strong way to develop business skills. Ken will talk about how during his 30-year career he developed new skills that allowed him to move up into higher levels of corporate responsibility
    • The logistics and supply chain industry has become key to companies performance and growth.  Ken will offer several anecdotes on how various companies that he has worked with addressed challenges with their logistics operations.
    • The future is bright for folks that want to work in logistics and supply chain.  Ken will provide some thoughts on how the industry offers many different career opportunities and why working in the supply chain/logistics field has something for everyone. 
    Friday, September 10th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    In-person and online (event link sent to all registered participants one day before)
    Ken Bloomberg

    Manager of Business Development, The Apparel Logistics Group

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    Ken has been with The Apparel Logistics Group since 2014 and works to develop supply chain solutions for clients in the consumer product vertical.  Ken is also responsible for setting the growth strategy for the company as it moves towards a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) model with a focus on E-Commerce.  The Apparel Logistics Group is part of the TAL Group, a global manufacturing company with over 25,000 employees and 11 factories in 7 different nations.

    Ken has over 30 years of experience as a senior executive in both manufacturing and warehouse operations.  Over his career, Ken has worked with many of the nation’s leading retailers and E-Commerce sellers as both a key supplier and provider of warehouse/fulfillment services giving him a unique insight into all aspects of the modern consumer driven supply-chain.
    Ken sits in the board of the Center for Logistics at The University of North Texas and is a graduate of The George Washington University.

  • Ups and down of a great career, where the best laid plans rarely turn out the way you envisioned and where you’re more often defined by effort, vs. a wrong turn/boss or two.

    Friday, April 16th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Mark Mirelez

    BEI Precision

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    Beginning with his service in the military through various leadership positions across a number of defense companies, Mark Mirelez has spent his entire career supporting the defense and space industries.

    Since 2018, he has served as president and CEO of BEI Precision Systems and Space Company, a leading provider of highly accurate, resilient and reliable positioning sensor technologies for mission-critical space and military applications. In this role, Mark is responsible for the entire family of companies affiliated with BEI including BEI Precision, Wenzel Associates, Croven Crystals and Thistle Design. 

    Prior to joining BEI, Mark worked at DynCorp International, an aviation and logistics services company supporting U.S. and foreign government customers, where he first served as vice president of global supply chain before being named vice president and general manager for the company’s aviation, engineering, logistics and sustainment division. Earlier in his career, Mark served in executive leadership roles at Norvell Electronics, Rockwell Collins and National Instruments.

    Mark served in the United States Air Force as a contracts and acquisition officer from 1993 to 1999.

    He holds a bachelor’s degree from the United States Air Force Academy and a master’s degree from Abilene Christian University. He sits on advisory boards for the Center for Global Business at the University of Texas at Austin and the Aviation and Logistics program at the University of North Texas.

  • What does it mean to make supply chains “Smart”? How do you make your supply chain “Smart”? What does business gain by smarter supply chains? What is your part as a supply chain professional in creating smart supply chains?

    Friday, April 9th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Robert Condit

    Senior Account Executive – Energy Sector at NTT DATA Services

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    Robert Condit is an Senior Account Executive – Energy Sector at NTT DATA Services.   NTT DATA Services is a division of NTT DATA Corporation, a top 10 global IT services provider with 118,000+ employees in more than 50 countries.  We excel in blending IT and business expertise with decades of industry know-how.

    Before assuming his current position, Robert served as Vice President of Sales at Method360, from 2016 to 2019, for all SAP related services and new business growth. 

    Robert spent several years in SAP consulting with CGI, from 2007 to 2016, where he was leading, architecting, and delivering SAP solutions for CGI clients.   He was also the US SAP Practice Lead at CGI during his tenure.   

    Prior to joining CGI in 2007, Robert held numerous leadership positions with Verizon starting as a senior buyer and moving up through the ranks to an operations manager supporting all large distribution centers and over 1200 supply locations. During his tenure at Verizon, he reduced millions in supply chain cost, implemented continuous improvement initiatives, implemented numerous WMS and ERP systems, including SAP, and was key to the successful recovery of logistics operations following the events of September 11, 2001.

    From 1995 to 2000, Robert worked in law enforcement as a public service officer and jailer for the City of Hurst and a police officer for the City of Euless.

    And from 1989 to 1997, Robert honorably served in the United States Marine Corps as a combat engineer and Marine Security Guard. During his tour in the Marines, he earned the rank of staff sergeant, lead Marines into battle during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, supported numerous humanitarian efforts in Asia, and held positions at the US Embassy in New Delhi, the Vatican, and Rome.

    Robert has an associate degree from Tarrant County Junior College, a bachelor’s degree in logistics from the University of North Texas, and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. Robert is also a certified in transportation and logistics.

  • “Kaizen” is the Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement. A culture of continuous improvement is a core competency in Fujitsu’s manufacturing operations. After a massive earthquake struck off the coast of Japan in March 2011, kaizen was the guiding force in dealing with the supply chain disruption and ultimate recovery of customer satisfaction. This presentation will detail that event, the recovery, and how the kaizen principle can be applied to business practice and personal efficiency.

    Friday, March 26th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Kevin King

    Head of Commercial Management and Proposals Development

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    As a 20-year veteran of the telecom industry, Kevin King has experiences to share and stories to tell. Entering the workforce shortly after the Telecom Deregulation Act of 1996, Kevin has lived through the highs and lows of the business market, dealing with its impacts on both a professional and personal level. His background includes an undergraduate engineering degree from Texas A&M, master’s programs at UTD and SMU, and job roles in Supply Chain Management and Sales & Marketing disciplines, ranging from an Individual Contributor to Department Head. Kevin’s education and experience gives him a unique perspective that helps bring insight and clarity to business pursuits and the path to success. 

    In his free time, Kevin volunteers as a board member with the Richardson Boys & Girls Club and as a committee chair for Dallas Cup. He is an avid soccer fan and can often be found researching US youth soccer prospects. Kevin believes travel is a window to education, with his favorite stops being Las Vegas, New Orleans, Florida, London, and Turkey. Ask him about food and music if you have some spare time…..

  • While it may not be the most glamorous skill to many, the truth is that data analysis serves as the key driver for decision-making in all areas of business. From marketing, to logistics, to sales, data analysis is the critical component to decision-making. However, recent grads don’t always have extensive experience to hit the ground running and provide the impactful analysis senior leaders are looking for. 

    Data analysis isn’t just a skill for roles with “analyst” in the title, anymore. Every role at every level relies on analytics to drive strategy, and those with the proper skills are able to jump ahead in their industry to provide meaningful insights and inspire change. For those looking to gain an edge in their industry of choice, look no further than analytics.  

    In this presentation, Brandon will discuss how data analytics is integrated into his organization, how it has played a critical part in his career, and what you can do to prepare now for that dream opportunity with free resources already available to you today. 

    Friday, March 12th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Brandon Reynolds

    Senior Manager of B2B Program Development at American Airlines

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    Brandon is the Senior Manager of B2B Program Development at American Airlines. In this role he leads a team focused on developing compelling travel services that make business travel simple. As the world’s largest airline, American Airlines strives to be the easiest airline for business travelers. Brandon’s extensive experience across sales, data science, long-term loyalty, and technology has enabled him to launch many successful travel solutions for companies and travel partners. Over an 11 year career with American Brandon has worked across commercial, technology, and customer service departments to integrate cross-functional project plans that deliver customer-centric products and services.

  • Modes - Issues - Damages - Pictures - etc.
    Friday, February 26th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Rob Lewin

    Global Logistics

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    In 2019 Rob Lewin celebrated his fortieth year as a logistics professional working for companies in various industries, including logistics providers (BAX Global, DHL & Seko), Oil & Gas (Arco International Oil & Gas), Telecommunications (DSC / Alcatel), and High Technology (EDS). Rob is currently employed as Director of Worldwide Logistics by Flowserve, a leading manufacturer and aftermarket service provider of comprehensive flow management products and services. Flowserve is a recognized world leader in supplying pumps, valves, seals, automation, and services to the power, oil, gas, chemical, and other industries.

    Rob was born in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and after completing his military service in 1978, he and his wife and first son moved to Israel where he began my career in Logistics with Burlington Northern Airfreight (BAX). In 1983 Rob immigrated to the USA with his wife and his two sons.

    Rob has had many unique experiences throughout his logistics career including shipping Dolphins from Miami Sea World to Israel Sea World, shipping 40 containers of Cow patties from Amarillo Texas to Germany (as part of a University experiment), and shipping rats to Jakarta, Indonesia so an expatriate from one of Rob’s companies could continue her biological degree by correspondence.

  • With a list of brands that includes Tropicana, Gatorade, Doritos, Lay’s, and Quaker Oats, PepsiCo is a global food and beverage powerhouse.  To ensure delivery of America’s favorite snacks and drinks, PepsiCo Transportation maintains one of the largest transportation operations in North America.  It takes more than trucks and warehouses to be successful in logistics.  In this hour-long talk Doug Miller, the Vice President of Transportation for Pepsi Beverages North America & Pepsi Logistics, he will share what employees need to be a valuable asset to PepsiCo.

    Friday, February 5th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Doug Miller

    Vice President NA Value Chain Transformation at Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc.

    Doug Miller is presently Vice President NA Value Chain Transformation/Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc. located in Plano, Texas and is a 25-year PepsiCo veteran with experience in Logistics Field Operations, Plano Headquarters and Field Transportation, Warehouse Operations and Sales Operations.  
    Doug grew up in Seneca, Kansas.  After High School, he attended Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Business.

    He began his PepsiCo career in 1996 within the Frito-Lay division and held several Frito-Lay Field and Plano Headquarters leadership roles.  His first assignment was in Topeka, Kansas, where he supported a 115 OTR (Over The Road) private fleet operation that serviced the Mid West.  Key experiences and assignments also included TMS projects, Supply chain Integration, and Manufacturing in PepsiCo locations that spanned Plano, Texas, San Antonio, Texas, & Dallas, Texas.

    In 2012, Doug transitioned to the beverage side of PepsiCo and supported key transportation projects and teams that provide logistics for iconic brands like Pepsi, Quaker, Gatorade, Tropicana, and Naked Juice.  While in beverages, Doug started up the Pepsi Logistics Company, Inc. which operates as a transportation intermediary for external companies and is ranked among the Top 50 brokerage firms in the United States (Source; Transport Topics – April 2018, Armstrong & Associates – July 2018) with offices in Plano, TX, Chicago, Ill and Bradenton, FL.

    Doug and his family live in Frisco. He enjoys biking, watching his daughters play volleyball and spending time with family.  

  • (This is a last-minute speaker change.)  This presentation given by Chris Hanebeck sheds light on major technology trends in supply chain management for 2021 and beyond. It illustrates technological advancement in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, Internet of Things and blockchain among others to ultimately show how these new capabilities affect the way in which we move physical goods and materials in the future. Students gain a better understanding of how to evaluate supply chain innovation, how to prepare organizations for changes in the workplace and how to foster professional advancement through a deep understanding of supply chain technology.

    Friday, January 29th - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
    Chris Hanebeck

    Founder and CEO at Truckl.io

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    Chris Hanebeck is a seasoned professional, innovator and technology strategist focused on supply chain management. His experience in management consulting, technology startups and senior operating roles spans well over two decades and includes successful private-equity led turnarounds. Throughout his career Chris has worked with inventors to market and monetize their innovations, ranging from hardware devices and software applications to abstract mathematical algorithms. He holds several patents, regularly speaks at major conferences and teaches supply chain technology at the University of North Texas, one of the top industry programs in the country. 

    Chris is currently building Truckl, a new venture focused on highly innovative supply chain applications enabled by blockchain technology, and serves on the advisory board of several technology startups in Silicon Valley, Washington and Texas. Prior, he led key business architecture initiatives for MasterCard, managed a team of global innovation consultants for IBM and served as COO of the first cryptographic start-up for IoT devices among other posts.