Logistics Executive Lecture Series

Important updates for Fall 2017 events

Students must RSVP to attend all events. The RSVP system will allow registrations until the classroom seating capacity (BLB 170 = 104) has been met. Events fill up very quickly, so make sure to RSVP early in the semester!

Students with submitted RSVPs will receive an email confirmation to the email address provided on the RSVP form by Thursday prior to the event on Friday.

If you have submitted an RSVP but will no longer be able to attend, please cancel no later than Thursday at 5:00pm prior to the event on Friday to allow another student the opportunity to attend in your place. To cancel an RSVP please reply to the confirmation email or send an email with your full name to: Julie.Willems-Espinoza@unt.edu. Thank you for your assistance with this format.

Please bring your student ID for entry to logistics events. You will swipe your student ID upon entry to the classroom to receive attendance credit. Please arrive early in order to access the card swipe system and be seated so we may start the events on time.